The Little Bow

One of my fave sissy callers loves a phone fantasy call of dress up together. She has a tiny little dick which she calls little weewee, and knows the fantasy will never go beyond dress up and stroke. She imagines fastening my hose to the garter, making sure my seams are straight, hooking my bra, and helping me with anything I need. I do the same for her of course with the exception of tying a pink bow around her little weewee. This is the only sexual contact I have with her. Fiddling with her little cock and getting the bow just right.

Little Sissy Virgin

Of course there is makeup, and hair. She brushes mine and I brush hers. She is a little virgin and would never think of playing with Mistress in a sexual way. Only the bow around the sissy stick. We look into the mirror to see how pretty we are all dressed up and pretty.

Dressing Up Together

It’s simply that. No face sitting, no fucking, no men involved for blow jobs. Just plain and simple girls get together and dress up. She does however cum in the end as I adjust her little bow.

I wonder if she would like to dress for the up and coming sissy pageant. Certainly you must if you can. Details Here.


Mistress Erin