Wanking Off In A Novel way

My very first phone sex call of it’s kind. Wanking off with a vacuum cleaner.  The cleanest cock around I say. His name is Tim and says he wants no nickname so Tim it is. To do this he says, it’s best with a canister vacuum cleaner because the hose is so long. It gives a better grip and you can walk with it more than the stand up cleaners. He does not put it on right away because of the noise. Tim enjoys talking to me while in the process of jerking off to my instructions. The preferred word is “wanking” so I will respect that.

Wanking Off With A Vacuum Cleaner: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6075

Cock Control And Guided Masturbation

As we converse, the canister goes on and off because he announces he has come a bit close to orgasm and he prefers to deny his orgasm for at least thirty minutes. He strokes his cock for forty five minutes in this stretch, removing the tube here and there to wank by hand. I would love to name him Tim Hoover but he will have none of that, he does not like the Hoover vacuum cleaner. It’s too commonplace. He has a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser canister because he has two cats and a dog. Orgasms are never done in the tube. it would clog up the works.

Creative Strokes And Edges

During the session, we do a regular cock control session using creative strokes and edges. The only difference is at the end of an edge there is a break of about ten seconds before he is ordered more wanking off with the tube. This ends up to be a short five seconds because he is too close to cumming. A short conversation about his dog or one of his cats calms the session down.

The Crossdressing Surprise

Next time he would prefer to do this crossdressed. That surprised me as usually a guy with a strong fetish such as this may be exclusive. Not the case. He is versatile. Off and on crossdressing is the norm for him. He does not prefer chastity cages in his sessions because the tube causes too much vibration and excitement to the point of too quick of an orgasm. Not to worry! We will not go there.


Sensual Mistress Erin