A Sissy Needs Direction

Sissy lucy confessed she needs training and has no experience in the sissy cuckold realm. Of course I will train her. Her picture was adorable. A petite blond dressed in pink lingerie with enormous breast forms! Her face so feminine she could pass as a real girl. She is married and has a cuckold fetish and wants to know how to introduce her wife to the joys of big cock.

Does She Want A Bull?

Since I am training the sissy to be a superb cuckold cream pie eater by teaching her coerced cum eating, I bring up the fact that I am not training her wife. I do not train a woman who does not want to be trained into something she has no interest in. I ask lucy, have you brought this up with your wife? Is she happy with your little cock? Does she want to have sex with a cuckolding bull? Does she really need a cock that is enormous? Most importantly, does she know you crossdress.

One Step At A Time

All things answered no. So I suggested, let’s start with crossdressing and cum eating and see where it goes. Perhaps she would in the future enjoy the kink, but she must be respected for her decisions until then. She also must know about these kinks. Be brave, sissy lucy.


Mistress Erin