The Over The Knee Boy And Pantyhose Man

It’s been so long since I have posted. I thought I must kick off December with some spanking and warm and snuggly pantyhose. I promised “over the knee boy” a post with him in mind, and that handsome panty hose boy too. So here I give you a juicy post about the spanking fetish with a panty hose twist!

The Spanking Fetish With A Panty Hose Twist: Ms Erin 1-800-356-6169

Do You Love To be Spanked?

I want to start off with Mark (anonymous even though he loves a full name shout out) who is a beyond spanking fetishist. He is mainly known as “over the knee boy”. What I enjoy about him is the dungeon he goes to and the classroom it contains. Every dungeon should have a classroom with a black board, a dunce cap, student desks, and of course a teacher dressed in Governess regalia.

Bare Hand Spanking Femdom

On Thanksgiving, I went out with a former LDW Mistress friend who once talked with Mark often. She came to Mew Mexico to visit and have dinner with me. We had the best time over wine and dinner talking about Mark xxxx and his love of spanking, pants down, and over the knee. The bare hand of a spanking Femdom is his favorite because of the close connection it makes, much more personal. He likes his full name shouted out as people pass by the classroom. His driver i.d. in plain sight on the desk displaying  his full name and address. I think it should be on a projector.

Cathartic Sessions

Mark must pay for it, we cannot stress that humiliation enough! Mark xxxx is paying for a spanking! Spanking sessions must be paid for without exception. The love of spanking and the act of it is not as popular as I would like. It is reserved to the most intelligent and imaginative of boys. I enjoy his catharsis after the sessions. It makes me feel whole and happy that I have made him feel fantastic. Looking forward to the next session and with wonderful conversation in between.

The Spanking Fetish With The Pantyhose Twist

Ah now, pantyhose! Tis the season for the warmth of pantyhose and leggings. The spanking with a panty hose twist did not coordinate with the good looking boy’s call. What we had was full on pantyhose wearing while in the car wash. Very novel call which I love. The machine washing the car while the hand strokes the cock over the slinky pantyhose. He imagines my lips grazing the cummed in pantyhose. Tasting it but not a full on cum eating session at all. Sharing it would be perfect for the panty hose fetish phone sex call of a lifetime. The burst of orgasm at the finale of the wash, just before the attendants with towels come to dry the car.

Happy Holidays

As you can see I love dramatic calls,  I hope all had a great Thanksgiving and will have a perfect Christmas. Someone asked me if I have a wishlist. I do not. An Amazon gift card sent to my email is what I always ask for, if you are so inclined. Now then, I will try to blog weekly  for your enjoyment.

Blessings to all!

Ms Erin