The Art Of Ruined Orgasms Is In Your Hands

June is ruined orgasm month at LDW. I enjoy the art of ruined orgasms because it truly is an art. Orgasm denial at the very last minute is a devious method of saying NO! Well almost no, as the sputtering cock head suggests at least a partial. Anti-climactic if you will. Disappointing for some, a treasure to another.

The Art Of Ruined Orgasms : Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975


It’s Time You Tried Another Form Of Control

Have you ever had a ruined orgasm? If you ever had a Mistress who owned or owns you,  maybe you have, especially if she likes to tease your cock.  Maybe she likes to make you into a chastity slave. If so, a ruined orgasm is always in store for you. The art of ruined orgasms comes to life in a phone session when Mistress is not around or she needs to punish you. She will send you to me to make you suffer. I will provide the focus you need to achieve it.


The Art Of Ruined Orgasms : Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Toys Will Enhance

The focus can be enhanced with some toys of choice. A butt plug inserted at the beginning of the session will enhance pleasure. An emollient lube of choice is necessary, flavored if you are to eat the little spurt of the ruined o, and of course a vibrator with different speeds.

Be In Denial For Awhile

With this type of session, it’s best to be in denial for at least a week. Two weeks is better. Masturbation if allowed, will be without orgasm. You should be in a cock cage ultimately. We Ruin Orgasms month should be a fun month for those who need something a little bit different and , it can be uncomfortable!


Mistress Erin