The Tanning Studio’s Best Client

Enter tan line dan for one of the most fun calls I have yet to do here. This boy belongs to another LDW Mistress. So now I have a collection of pictures of dan in various g-strings, my favorite being the leopard print and the blue mesh which covers his whole dick like a sheath. I have a folder on my desk top dedicated to dan’s dick and g-string collection. He asked me if I wanted pix of him without tan lines. Absolutely not because this post is all about tan lines and g strings for submissive boys. He is a guided masturbation, cock control, and orgasm denial boy.

Tan Lines And G Strings For Submissive Boys: Mistress Erin 1-800-356-6169

His Own Folder On My Desk Top

Oh I so wish I could show you one little picture but it’s not allowed. I hope I can find a girlfriend to share these with but they just wouldn’t get it. They would say “Why do you have pictures of a guy with tan lines and g strings with a hard cock that likes tease and denial“? He’s been shared around the company enough, so everyone has had a look at his collections. He has rules ordered to him by his Mistress and they are pretty strict.

Tan Lines And G Strings For Submissive Boys

There are tons of rules for tan line dan. I especially like his order to be shaved bald around his dick, balls, stomach and chest. G strings every single day. No boxers at all. When he works out on the treadmill at home, the only things worn are a g string, cock ring, shoes, and socks. His Mistress orders viagra a lot, especially right before the gym. That must be a frustrating lesson watching the clingy sweat pants on the women’s asses. Boing! Mistress X is very creative and I appreciate reading these rules. This gives me ideas for my own cock control calls which will be saved for guys with tan lines and g strings for submissive boys and maybe some others should they deserve it!


Mistress Erin