A Swim Suit Sissy Must Be Personable

It’s in the high eighties in ABQ today. If you are a California sissy, you are sizzling. Be sure to drink plenty of water with your wine because a shriveled up sissy is not what we desire. A swim suit sissy must be hydrated, salon or sun tanned, and hairless from a waxing salon. A waxing salon will provide the best smooth skin for your summer pool days. Sissies prefer pools because beaches tend to get crowded and the swim suit sissy disappears in the crowd.

Swim Suit Sissy And Waxing Salons: Erin: 1-800-601-6975

Get A Little Waxing Salon Humiliation

Now then, to be the perfect swim suit sissy, you must purchase a pretty bikini. I prefer bandeau tops in purple because pink is becoming way too hackneyed. And the bottoms should be a bikini cut. Sissies tend to get dramatic with thongs. No thongs unless you like your balls, be them small, to fall out and cause commotion. Once the swim suit has been chosen, it’s time to make the waxing salon appointment. For the best in humiliation, find a woman technician who loves to humiliate sissies   because when your little small cock gets hard, she can slap it and scold it. Do not choose a miss goody two shoes who will freak out.

Spray Tan

To get swim suit sissy ready, all hair must be waxed except the head of course. Then you will be ready for a spray tan. Get your whole body done. Once that is done, you are ready to start your sun tan. Im sure you thought about spraying the tan formula with your pretty new swim suit on. Do not do it because it will stain and you will cry girlie boi tears. Eventually the spray tan will fade and your real tan will prevail.

The Finishing Touches

Now for the details. Get your nails done, mani pedi in a hot pink which goes good with purple. Choose  a pair of beach shoes like mine above in purple or pink. These are definitely pool shoes. No stilettos. No sissy slut look for the pool. Save it for later on when your man comes over for his blowjob. This is considered an assignment. Do this assignment and report back to me with pictures. Good luck, gurls!


Mistress Erin