I will be reminding sissies to become part of the pageant, so you will see this a lot up until the pageant. Prepare, and good luck!

Sexy Sissy In Satin

I can’t resist talking about how sexy some sissies can be, especially when they wear silks and satins. They take great delight in teasing their little cocks on that slippery fabric. They twist it and tun it, edge it and finally cum in most cases. This is where I love to control the cock.

My Hand On That Satin….

Now and again I like to take a sexy sissy in hand meaning, if there is satin worn, the sensual feeling of a hard cock no matter what size, giving several strokes, teasing and denying, turns me on.

Coerced Makeup?

Straddling sissy and putting  makeup on the boi also makes me feel the power of a true sissy Mistress. Then of course the denial again. Slapping a chastity device on the gurl, no matter what size the cock, smaller cock the better to add delicious humiliation in a sweet subtle way. That’s my style.

Chastity Sissy

Regardless of what has been said, sissies appreciate being locked in a chastity device because it is humiliating, because a Mistress has the control.

So yes, giving a sissy tease and denial strokes happens to be high on my list, by reality or by phone fantasy. Give me a call soon!


Mistress Erin