Hi Miss Pinky!

Happy Spring!

We are in spring! Lot’s of desert flowers in bloom, the sweet smell of spring brings me to mind of SISSY! Pink flowers, pink high heels…pink, pink, pink! Pink dildos, Pink bondage tape, pink ball gags, pink condoms, and of course lipstick!

Kinky Miss Pinky

Let’s talk phone sex fantasy now. Let’s get involved in kink pink. Dress up and strut for me on Skype cam. Add me to your contacts: misserindelaney. Call me for a session and show me your pink attitude. If you like it a bit rough, by all means go to a tack store and find a pink riding crop to use while I view you. Panty bois, have your collection out for some spanking BDSM fun.

Pink Bondage Rope

I do have pretty in pink rope from the twisted monk, delicious hemp rope to imagine you in on my spring bed with a pink bedspread. Damsel in distress sissy tied to the headboard and bottom posts. Your lips painted by me, I give you the ball gag to color.

Be My Little Sissy!

Yep. I can have so much fun imagining you as my little sissy, bending to my will, and being the sweet little sissy I know you to be. After your session, a little guided spring persuasion meditation.

Mistress Erin