Ok You Have A Small Dick…

Aww, poor boy with a tiny little dick. You have searched all over the internet for small penis humiliation. Have you thought of searching for small penis empowerment? Probably not. You resigned yourself to empowering yourself with degrading your little dick, it does not have to be the case.

Handsome And Smart

A man with a small penis can be a handsome male with much intelligence and an educated tongue. He can be witty and a great partner. He is mostly successful and makes a good living. He has put his mind into success instead of studding around. If this interests you then read further…..

Your Talented Tongue

A man with a small penis has learned the art of oral pleasure and body worship. When his small cock is inside a woman he knows that the thrust is secondary to the grind. Learn to grind in those circles that works a woman’s clit to maximum orgasms. Do not be a sucker in the way of “I have a small cock so I will take abuse”. You will take submission only if the relationship is in that direction. Know that a Mistress in the lifestyle will not expect you to be a fuck machine, and she will not care if your cock is small. How you serve her is paramount. A Mistress may have several slaves with different roles. See if you fit in a role she requires.

You Are Successful

Lastly, a man with a small penis will try harder to cultivate his intelligence and wit. Men with small cocks in history, boy would I love a link to that. I’m sure the brightest minds are in this category.

Mistress Erin