Six Major Types Of Sissies

Today I’m going to talk about sissies, so many sissies. Six major types of sissies that seem to come up over and over again. In the comments area, tell me the type of sissy you are. I will be writing about the classic sissy, the sissy slut, the sissy school girl, sissy in the closet, domestic sissy and the FLR sissy which is the most challenging of all. One of my favorites of all, the one that is as challenging as the FLR sissy is coerced sissy, That is a combination of so many, and yes, she LOVES to be a streetwalking bitch boi looking for dick. These observations are all based on my conversations on the phone sex lines. I am a very curious Femdom, gathering info here and there.

Six Major Types Of Sissies: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975


The classic sissy is the sissy who loves the corporate wear. She may discuss how she loves the role of secretary, dressing in vintage wear and looking very prim and proper. When you get down to the lingerie, there could be an element of slut. her fantasies revolve around being the office girl who loves to please the boss of either sex, She seems to be a bit of a bimbo but in some fantasies she is classy but submissive. In most cases, she is always earning the raise that she desperately needs for her conservative office clothing. Other interests include going to lunch with Mistress and her friends, or a shopping trip.


The sissy slut is the attention whore gurl who lives for lingerie and whorish mini skirts with outrageous breast forms. Plenty of makeup and the desire to be a stripper in acrylic heels gathering money in her bikini bottom. She is the classic bimbo with a small IQ and the biggest breast forms. Her favorite pass time is a slutty lap dance and making money for Mistress with talented blow jobs. She is not a private dancer, more of a crowd pleaser. The more attention the better, especially walking the Hoe Stroll in her red leather boots. On phone sex calls, the more outrageous the fantasy the better, think in terms of an orgy scene with her as the party favor.


The sissy school girl is desired by these gurls who love spankings, paddling and wearing the schoolgirl jumper. They may have been brought up in a strict family where spankings were the norm. They have a penchant for cable knit knee socks and high button white blouses. The lingerie is not elaborate but mostly training bras and white bikini panties in cotton. Makeup with raccoon eyes depicts an on the knees in the bathroom blow job scene with the headmaster. Be careful sissy…do not scuff those shiny black Mary Janes!


Sissy In the closet anyone? For the most part, when a sissy gives us a call, they are IN MODE. They are in that dress they are wearing even if it is a fantasy dress. Of the six major types of sissies. this gurl is the most mysterious. The entire call may be sissy is in her jeans and work clothes. It is her creative imagination that fuels the call. The clothing may come from a magazine, the shopping from a web page. She has the ultimate freedom to visualize and make real. For every call she does, she may very well have the the most fun. It’s her world and this world and this sissy is as real as the others.

Six Major Types Of Sissies: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975


Frou Frou with a white crinoline petticoat, in black and white,a perky cap and of course a white lace apron. Fishnets in black is classic with a pair of black Mary Janes. The Sissy Maid is pure submissive. She can cook, sew, serve tea, and does just about anything a Mistress demands. Her housekeeping skills are impeccable. She is formal and professional. She may not top from the bottom ever. Stoic is her keyword. The uniform can be any color depending on the event. A Femdom Mansion cannot function without her.


Last of the specialty group is the Female Led Relationship sissy. She is all sissies rolled into one. A maid, a slave in chastity, a complete submissive groomed for perfection. She may be married to Mistress, and she is almost always under contract. To be a FLR sissy, most of her duties are well trained and tested over and over. Sexual duties, domestic duties, an expert in home economics, and beautifully perfect. This sissy is sometimes not a sissy but in all due respect, her heart is ultra-feminine and highly disciplined.

Femdom Mistress Erin