Sissy Transparency: Be Brave!

Spring is not only coming out with new fashion, it’s time for sissy transparency of coming out of that closet. Can you do it? Are you ready to show everyone who you really are? If not, you will eventually. You won’t be able to help yourself but it will be natural and you will love it.

Sissy Transparency It's Time You Came Out: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

The Road To Feminization

Eventually you will be true to yourself and admit you are a sissy girlie boi who can never have a real girlfriend, but only a Mistress or a boyfriend who loves to fuck the sissy. You may have a swarm of girlfriends who guide you on the path to feminization. Perfect. You are not allowed in my realm to ever have guilt of being a sissy crossdresser. Since this is your nature, accept it. I talk to so many sissies who love who they are. I cultivate this empowerment. You are a Goddess in your own right. Enjoy that power.

Be Pretty!

So about coming out, let’s first talk about how you out yourself by doing amazing feminine things. Did you follow my advice on the last blog post on fashion and spa visits, nails, hair, sexy clothes. Who are you? Bi or straight. Get those cards on the table, but mostly get pretty. Get transparent and if you like sucking cock, just do it.

Be Proud

Motivation only goes so far though. A real girl is constantly aware of her beauty. Primp and ponder in the mirror, how can you make it better. Are you up for sissy transparency. Make yourself hard looking in the mirror even if you have a 2 inch cock. This cock belongs to the next Master or Mistress and I am proud to be a sissy in the flesh!


Mistress Erin