Erin (41)

Cock Size Varies Among TG

Sissy bois, I have a question for you. What makes your little tiny cock stand up at attention? Perhaps you have a very large cock. I notice the sissies with large cocks are more forward and aggressive. Now that is an interesting study, saved for another time perhaps.

Cultural Respect

Transgenderism, crossdressing, and sissy are not as taboo as they once were, depending on the culture you come from. In India and Thailand, it is accepted and respected, not in Islamic states, and neither in parts of the USA which is very perplexing. Isn’t this the land of opportunity? Native American tribes hold this in great honor. It means the trans has two souls, two spirits. Often they are given the medicine man honor.

Cultural Kinks

The English sissy often has a penchant for crossdressing as a maid in the uniform. The American sissy likes being a sissy slut. This seems to be tops but is not limited to that. I’m hearing about lots of cheerleaders and ballerinas, and 75% are unabashedly overt cocksuckers and cum eaters.

What seems to matter most above all is the panty collection among sissies. Frilly, pink, and also, nylon of all things. I know why. Nylon makes the clit feel amazing, as it must on those sissy clits!

Mistress Erin