A Very Surprising Day Sissy Spotting At The Mall

Sissy spotting was unbelievable fun today on a call with Ms. Mandy and that sissy boi petey cream puff. Ms. Mandy was the cream puff’s girlfriend and I was her best friend. We decided to go shopping at the mall today, and we saw a very familiar face in the crowd, all made up and dressed mall shopping girlie. “Isn’t that petey?????????” I asked. Well yes, it was. Mandy and I began taking pictures of the cream puff in girlie jeans and ballet flats. Then, surprise! Outed she was. We then confronted the cream puff and took bursts of pictures. It’s time to go home, sissy. We have some dress up plans for you!

Sissy Spotting At The Mall: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Sissy Gets A Total Makeover With Photos

Once home at Mandy’s, sissy spotting turned into sissy dress up in a black sheath and 6″ patent leather pumps. Ms. Mandy was mortified when she discovered that this panty boi had her bra and panties on, stolen from her drawer. After this sissy was dressed, more pictures were taken with kiss marks on her cheeks to further humiliate the sissy.Poor poor petey cream puff. What if the photos were spread across the planet via digital email. What if her friends see. Yes her. At this point he became a she with no turning back.

Please Don’t Out Me With These Photos, Mandy And Erin!

This is what happens to a sissy who steals his girlfriend’s bra and panties. She has to face the sissy humiliation that goes with it. You can imagine that we had this sissy eating out of the palms of our hands, there at our beck and call. Threatening to show those photos to everyone she knows!

Mistress Erin