Sissy Slumber Party Fun Turns Wild

The other day for sissy emma’s call, we imagined a slumber party for  sissy friends with some bi action because sissy emma loves cock. Mostly we do a phone fantasy call involving a traditional 50’s housewife (emma) and her hard working husband. He comes home from work expecting and getting his martini, roast beef, and blowjob. Actually we have been creating an old west scenario and the drink was whiskey of course. He makes a detour first and gets a blowjob from the saloon girl because he can. He is the man of the house and sissy emma accepts it. She wears a traditional western style dress and boots and she and her husband live in a ranch house. It’s nice to fantasize about the days where life was simple. It’s time to go into the future for sissy slumber party fun.

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Suitcase Full Of Sissy Lingerie

Imagine sissy emma going to her friend’s house with her over night bag dressed casually in girlie jeans and a blouse. Inside of her bag is her best lingerie ready to be worn and modeled. She has a pink nighty with lacy bikini panties, thigh high white stockings and pink marabou feather boudoir shoes. All four sissies are in competition with the most gorgeous of selections, makeup, and hair. It’s time for some fun of the sexy kind, mainly experimental blow jobs and the like. They are done with modeling, posing, and comparing.

Sissy Cocksuckers Switch Off

Our call got very graphic with one on one cock sucking action. Giving , getting, and switching off partners. Then it came to online shopping comparison, one gurl made an appointment for a makeover at The Glamour Boutique. Another joined a crossdresser dating site looking for a husband. It was a night of sissy slumber party fun and it became a super sexual surprise. Such fun bad gurls! I wonder what we will do next….

Mistress Erin