Sissy Size Is All Size

What do I mean by sissy size? What would you like it to mean? Sissy dick, dress size, tall girl, shoe size, having it all? I had more of dress size in mind since I just talked to a gurl who is a plus size and hating it. I have news for you, plus sizes are just about everywhere but now that we are on the subject of size, a few gurls I talk to have sizable penises. Why not? It’s like breast sizes, so sissy size can be a great discussion.

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Walk proud

A big broad shouldered sissy will pare down those shoulders with fashion. Walking into a Macy’s, anyone can get help being any gender. So imagine being a sissy with so many choices. I could brag about the size of my strap on, but never about “my” dick. A tall sissy with her statuesque build will always be admired if presented impeccably. A sissy maid is totally appreciated at a party.

This post is all about empowering the sissy. I want to see more gurls no matter what size out there proud of what they have, after all size matters not as long as you have the balls….lol.

So there you have it sissy sandy, proud plus size girlie boi, carrying herself into the stores and the mall bar to flash her sissy size in hopes of meeting her next bi-sexual blow job trying out her plum lipstick!


Mistress Erin