Sissy Show Cam. It’s Essential.

There was a sissy show for me a few days back with a very creative girlie boi with amazing taste and style. She pretty much studied lots of YouTube videos on how to walk. I’m happy we had a good connection in every way. No matter how good they are, they can still use some tutoring. This sissy had a nice collection of dildos and butt plugs.

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Dildo Action

A large red one caught my eye. It was the angriest dildo I have seen, and huge. After we applied her makeup, it was dress up time. Panties first! In this order: panties, bra, DD breast forms, thigh high stockings, a little red sheer dress, a blond wig, and some tall red boots with a stiletto heel. Red lipstick in a deep matte shade encircled the big red dildo. Bouncing up and down on the butt plug made for a nice show, and her breast forms followed the beat. Oh, and her name was Tina.

Big Black

The sissy show continued with cocksucking lessons starting with the smaller white one. The red one was far bigger, but something fun came out of Tina’s toy box. An enormous 12″ black dildo with the circumference of a soda can. It soon became double stuff time. On her back with the angry red cock filling her little sissy pussy, and the black one, enormous and saved for her slutty red lips.

Time To Drink That Cum

I told Tina I charge for my lessons by having her swing her legs back to eat his cum but alas…her little cock was too small to navigate well and ended in a pearl necklace! Poor little sissy!

Mistress Erin

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