Sissy shopping never had it so good with panty boi‘s cute and sassy dress perfect for a picnic with a straw hat and  basket. She is the vision of  prim and proper, and would never do anything crass and tasteless. As we enter late spring, we wear such pretty florals and hats. It’s nice to see the spring breeze lifting the light silky floral dress to reveal sissy boi‘s little pink thong bikini. Up, up, and away. Her wide brim straw hat protects her lily white skin, and keeps it porcelain like a rich gurl. She is not rich nor is she prim and proper. Let me tell you….

Sissy Shopping With A Prim And Proper Flair: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Yesterday, girlie boi wanted some sissy shopping humiliation at the mall for today’s pretty outfit. She said ” I want a silky sundress to wear with my straw hat and white Mary Jane’s. I want some thigh highs in nude and silver bangles. I will put on my best makeup and I want to be a prim and proper gurl”. So off we went, and sissy tried to be prim and proper, but she ended up being a little slutty in the men’s room. I did direct her to the ladies room but the guard said no! Of course she couldn’t resist being a tart. Let’s face it. If a man sees a transgender in the bathroom he will want a little bi-cocksucking.

When the guard left, I peeked in and saw men lined up waiting their turn. Sissy and shopping bags were on the floor. She was wearing yoga pants and a little brief top with black ballet flats. One must be comfy during shopping after all. She was perfect except for her smeared “I’m sucking cock” lipstick. She finished the job and got up. I thought prim and proper may be a shock to her tomorrow.


Mistress Erin