New Years Affirmation Lists

I’m not that fond of new years resolutions mostly. It suggests that things were done wrong in the previous year and even way before. I like affirmations. If examined daily they tend to pan out. So sissy resolutions are different. Sissies need much more discipline. Paulina is always doing both and she seems to get things done in due time.

Sissy Resolutions: Did You Make Them? Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Sissy Resolutions, Sissy Duties, You Are A Gurl

Make a list now if you have not already. Sissy resolutions are about all things sissy including sucking cock at a glory hole, and outings by Mistress. Sissy duties such as spa treatments, waxing, makeup shopping, panty assignments, and anything that fits into the “I’m a girl” slot.

What Kind Of Sissy Are you?

I would separate the sissy duties from the sissy slut things. Not all sissies suck cock, not all sissies like men. Define if you are a sissy slut or a lesbian sissy. Divide those lists and begin. You are the one who defines your passions. You relay this to a Mistress mostly. A good Mistress does not assume you like this or that. A good Mistress negotiates terms and conditions. There is no such thing as a good Mistress who insists and makes you do what is uncomfortable to you. No FF. That is a dark wish, a phone sex fantasy. In reality it will rarely be embarked upon.

I would love to see lists done and sent to comments. This will give me a list of ideas on training all of you. Good luck!

Mistress Erin