We finally got to paulina’s training, bringing her into total sissy mindset. Bringing her into a guided meditation, we entered stores every sissy dreams of entering. 

Sissy Paulina's Training: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Paulina’s training offered her a nice little vacation of sheath dresses, helpful sissy friendly sales staff, spa treatments, hair makeover and nails of plum.  

She was at ease as I guided a slow meditation. Today I will post in her own private forum for all of the Mistresses to see and comment. During her meditation, she received all of the lipstick butterfly kisses imaginable. The sissy circuit training is a wonderful program to allow all girlie bois to explore their feminine side with multiple Mistresses. We all have great perspective of our own, and we train sissies in a variety of styles. Stay tuned for more of Paulina’s training.


Mistress Erin