The Essential Sissy Makeover

Sissy makeovers are essential for every sissy into makeup. Some sissies do not like makeup or wigs. Some sissies have told me that it is more humiliating to be en femme but obviously a boy. I can see their point for public humiliation, but this post is for gurls who love makeup, nails, and beauty salons. I gave an assignment to one of my bois a few days ago. She is to go to a large department store to the makeup department for a makeover. She is not to go to MAC because they are transgender friendly. She needs to go to a classic section like Channel or Christian Dior because the salespeople are upscale and haughty, apt to dish out humiliation for a sissy makeover.

Sissy Makeover At A Department Store: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Dress Enfemme

For the assignment, she, of course, must be dressed en femme. If her nails are a mess, she must have a manicure first, so, in essence, there are two assignments here. After her manicure, she does her makeover. One of the questions is if they have a lipstick color to match her nails which will be a delightful pink. Of course, the makeup artist will expect to sell some of the makeup used, and sissy will buy a reasonable amount. It will be a big change from the Walmart brands of course, and this makes another point. Sissy should upscale her makeup choices. It simply looks better!

All Dressed Up And Somewhere To Go

No instruction was given for after the makeover. This is open to discussion. I must go somewhere looking this pretty she would most likely say. I say why not keep walking around the mall to see what’s on sale. There is more to sissy reality than stopping in a glory hole and sucking cock. If she is inclined and cannot resist, then why not. If you must, you must!


Mistress Erin