Sissy Maids For Hire

Yes, I put an ad in my local alt paper and had four sissy maids apply for this position. Three did not make it past the posting, but one was worthy of an interview. Her name is sissy sorrel, and she has golden hair as I would have imagined.  True to her posting, she showed up enfemme dressed tastefully in a blue summer dress with accessories that accented her attire. I could tell she had been a crossdresser for a very long time, but a sissy for less. It all blended together and she was a sincere sissy maid. I explained I could not pay her but train her for her time. I hired her for two days a week to start.

Sissy Maids May Apply With Credentials: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Sissy Sorrel

Today was her first day, promptly showing up at 11:00 am, completely professional in a black and white mid length maid’s uniform with a white crinoline petticoat. Black fishnet stockings and black Mary Jane shoes with a 3″ heel. Apron and cap in white, of course. Her hair was natural, not a wig and tinted a golden sorrel blond. Light makeup, no jewelry, and nails professionally manicured with clear polish. Her first test was to make and serve tea perfectly, and she was impeccable.

Slave Discussion

We discussed her duties, and my training. The house was immaculate. She was hired. I too was hired as she wished to be my sissy maid. The word slave then came into play. I explained she will have a four week trial. Then I would make my decision. I consider her for a sissy slave who will serve me in corporal discipline and bondage. We will discuss the duties of the sissy maid next week. So for this week, we had a pleasant conversation, house cleaning, tea making, and expectations. Next week I will post again after her first discipline.

Mistress Erin