Sissy Stevie popped in for another great imaginative gender switch call. Fantasy phone calls with imagination are my favorites, and yes I had a dick for this too. This time stevie was surprised with a bridal gown. This included ASMR again, and I love ASMR calls. They are mostly sensual and sexy and sissy in a bridal gown was beyond fun. The way stevie described my skin tight sexy tux was pretty fun too.

Sissy In A Bridal Gown Mistress In A Tux: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

At first sissy stevie did not start out as a sissy in a bridal gown. Tea was served and if you remember from last time, the tea was altered with sex change herbs. Of course I already had mine and grew a sizable cock for stevie to suck. It was an equal exchange. me with a big dick and she with a willing pussy never to return again. Her clitty does grow of course, and it gets harder than most, and her tits are bigger than most. Sissy stevie is a most voracious cocksucker as I whisper in his/her ear how I will take her pussy by surprise and fuck her all night long in our honeymoon suite. She becomes a very submissive girlie boi and surrenders
Sissy In A Bridal Gown Mistress In A Tux: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975
With all fantasy phone calls, things become a bit supernatural and my cock begins to grow even bigger, beyond twelve inches. Her wedding gown remains pristine, her makeup never smears even though my cock shoots massive amounts of cum. The whispering continues to how she is now my de-virginized bride and completely belongs to me and will be my slave. She will never turn back to what she once was. Oh yes, and I get to keep this massive dick. The perfect exchange on all levels!

Mistress Erin