Sissy Humiliation:I Will Not Degrade You

Sissy humiliation is not one of my favorite phone sex fantasy material. Why can’t you degrade me Mistress Erin is a question I am asked over and over again and I answer over and over again. Simply, words have power to change things on a quantum level. Thoughts and words with powerful intent can make things change. If it’s a negative change, I don’t want that type of karma. For me, my keyword is catharsis. Enjoy the option of living the dream without self loathing, enjoying your kink and celebrating a super orgasm. Ergot, I am a sensual mistress with good intent. By no means a miss goody two shoes, but humiliation can be fun without caustic insults. Just have fun with me, dress for me and enjoy your feminization.

Sissy Humiliation Gently Presented: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Sane Femdom

Some examples of sissy humiliation gently presented? Yes of course for example the email that comes in wanting to be made to do things, coerced in a very aggressive way is not my style. Guided persuasion is simply that. Persuading you that going out enfemme with me holding a leash in a strict but not condescending manner. I am of the horse training school of non cruelty. No one or thing gets beaten into submission. I am not a cruel trainer, but a cooperation trainer. A Femdom who is in charge. I do not need to exert force, you simply do because you want to please me.

Cuckold Gently

Cuckold humiliation is another genre that can easily get harsh. I believe cuckold humiliation is self generating. Your small cock and sissy direction created the platform, then your bull obsessed wife generated more interest. Finally a coerced bi situation raised it’s head. I love discussing it on these phone sex calls as cuckold fantasies are subtle and psychological. Humiliation Erin style is a dish best served hot!

Mistress Erin