Sissy dress up can occur at any time. It’s when a gurl needs serious advice on color, lingerie, and even a yellow sweater. I’m always delighted to wake up to my emails and have a score of pix enfemme from girlie bois like Petey Cream Puff. I woke up to these pix the other day, shots of lacy ornate bras, a black sheath dress, a soft pretty yellow sweater, and very elaborate makeup. There was a collaboration of Mistresses giving opinions and advice. We all had a great time with the surprises. I’ll talk about how a Mistress does sissy dress up with one of her “models”.


Sissy Dress Up Delivered by E-Mail:Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

It is not hard to find a sissy in the fetish world. They are dying to be owned by a Femdom in charge. Many Mistresses are not interested in sissification, but some are. A Femdom knows that a true sissy will be very submissive and obedient. Femdom will always choose the sissy because sissy can be a sub of beauty, and the Femdom loves to fuss.

Shopping is first, and sissy must be allowed to try on garments for his Domme. It’s part of public outing, very important. This conditions sissy to do what girls do and to bond with ultra feminine mentality. It does help with his clothing selection. A sissy for Femdom must be top class and very personable.

After shopping, he will be serving his Domme. Walking, talking, applying makeup, and then the fashion show! This gives his Femdom time to correct and suggest. She may find the makeup is too heavy or the shoes are all wrong for the outfit. Hopefully her sissy has a closet of girlie things to model and amuse!


Mistress Erin