Sissy Cheerleader is always a fun fantasy to play with on a feminization call. With this type of phone sex fantasy, I love to surprise the gurl with an outfit all laid out on the bed and ready for action. This of course would be a call dealing with a sissy who doesn’t know that I know she is just that. She would either be a boyfriend, husband, or friend. I like the surprised boyfriend best because, well sorry to say I find husbands a bit boring…hahaha. There would be much dialog like I have known ever since I saw the hard drive full of sissy porn, especially captioned ones in cheerleader outfits. So then let me describe the outfit.

Sissy Cheerleader Learns New Steps: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

She walks in to see a pretty yellow cheerleader skirt in plaid, and very very short. The top is a lightweight tight yellow sweatshirt with the school logo and the numbers 69 of course. Sheer tan pantyhose with yellow ankle socks and white Mary Jane high heels are beside the skirt and top. Yellow ribbons for her long blond pigtails, pom poms in yellow and silver. Makeup is on the vanity ready to be applied.

The most fun is getting sissy cheerleader all dressed up. She protests at first but in the end she gives in to Mistresses powerful persuasion. Of course panties of white and a bra with DD breast forms go on first. As sissy blushes the rest goes on with Mistress telling her she is best as a female and must dress as one from now on. When all is in place, Mistress says “Ok now it’s time to dance like you did in your home movie being filmed by another panty boy. Come on then, I know all about everything, so, entertain me! Dance then we will discuss what you did with that other sissy cheerleader!”


Mistress Erin