Sissy CBT Pain Free

Sissy CBT can be done hard and soft. Personally I like gentle CBT on anyone. Ball busting is not my forte. The topic here is for sissies, and I have yet to meet one that likes it hard but I’m sure they do exist. I’m going to talk about satin ribbon dicklett bondage, pretty pink chastity panties a little bit too small, and pink parachute harnesses with butterfly weights that weigh close to zero. This is sissy cbt, Erin style.

Sissy CBT The Gentle Way Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

The Use Of Bondage

Sissy CBT should be done with the gurl standing up and in bondage. I like pink bondage tape the best. It adheres perfectly and snugly and doesn’t come undone. The trick is to take your time with it because it can tangle easily. Once snug and fit around a pole or whatever you use for play, you are ready with sissy in tow. I personally like a St Andrew’s Cross. With this, sissy is tied and legs spread to each side, perfect for CBT.

Pretty In Pink

She will wear nylon sheer crotchless panties. If found, a pink satin parachute harness will be used with or without weights. The weights must be painted pink. Weights may be too rough for the pansy. In this case go to a craft store and find colorful butterflies to adhere to string. Add weight with the lightest weight or get creative. Satin ribbon can replace string. Satin ribbon can be used for a cock ring, making a bow at the end. Cock bondage as well with the ribbon. Since she is a sissy, you will not need much ribbon…((snicker)). Pink satin chastity panties are a nice touch after all the play.

CBT With A Bit Of pain

A nice touch would be some pink miniature plastic clothespins for the sissy who can stand a little pain.These can be used on cock and balls. They can be “fiddled with” with a riding crop preferably pink and leather. So here it is, some ideas on sissy CBT. Some different things to keep sissy on her toes and submissive.

Mistress Erin