Sissy captivity slave! Are you one? You are a sissy and you love bondage, locked cuffs around your ankles when you perform domestic work for Mistress, a pink chastity device locked on your tiny little penis, locked in a room to do corner time with dress up in back to display red spanked cheeks. Captivity does not always mean locked in a large cage or cell.

Sissy Captivity Slave Adventures: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

What are your adventures for being a sissy captivity slave? Mostly crossdressers like bondage for a fetish. A sissy may but it will not be a major obsession. A sissy is more hands free so as to adjust a garter or put on makeup. I have known crossdressers who have only one outfit. A sissy has oodles of panties and outerwear. So there is a big difference between a sissy and a crossdresser.

The sissy will love pink cuffs locked at the ankle and a collar to match, locked with a pink heart-shaped lock. This is more in the realm of sissy bondage and captivity, as well as a pink chastity device locked and kept. Not many crossdressers prefer chastity as they love to stroke often to their fetish.

This is my idea of the perfect sissy captivity slave: She enjoys cuffs rather than rope and wears the same size clothes as Mistress. This way, in an emergency, she will always have something to wear. She will be collared with monogram “Property of Ms. Erin”. She enjoys playing public on a leash. She is captive. Her domestic skills are excellent as well as her perfect attire, always well presented. She enjoys caning and cropping while cuffed, and loaned out to other dominants be it Mistress or Master. She enjoys small penis humiliation in a chastity cage, and she is a big hit at a CFNM party! That’s my sissy model.


Mistress Erin