The Best of Regalia For The Sissy Ballerina

Sissy ballerina phone sex fantasies are high on my list because dressing a sissy in the most “fluffy” of wears gets my creative juices flowing. Imagine the lightest pastel tutu with pink tights just a shade lighter with a scoop neck leotard of the same shade. The leotard, of course, has snaps at the bottom and the tights do as well. This makes it convenient to check sissy for chastity cages, pink ribbons, little dick inspections, and to see if sissy is void of hair.

Sissy Ballerina Learns New Steps: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

The Sissy Ballerina Footwear For Graceful Performance

All ballerinas need shoes to dance in and they must be pink satin with pink satin ribbons. She will adorn pink satin ribbons and bows in her hair or wig. She will have tasteful makeup because she is that type of artist of course. All sissy ballerinas must attend ballet classes finally reaching advanced toe dancing classes. She will be light as a feather so a strong male partner can lift her overhead and hold her by the crotch. To be a sissy ballerina, she must have a closet full of ballerina wear in various colors.

The Bohemian Sissy Dancer

I like the sheer chiffon skirts of ballerina wear for a less classic look. The look is more bohemian and artsy, and the turns she makes will reveal her crotch for all to see, albeit covered in a leotard or a chastity cage. After performance parties often end in covert meetings in the back room with the male dancers for a celebratory cum eating feast. Not that kind of sissy? In that case, a trip to the dressing room to dress in fashionable streetwear to meet her girlfriends for after performance champagne. ((Cheers!))

Mistress Erin