Where To Do Sissy Assignments

How does a sissy get ready for a sissy pageant? LDW is having one in the social network so if you want to be a contender. Sign up for it there. I just looked over the photos and some of you sissy bois look amazing! The sissy assignments here are just about preparation and how to be the best you can be in a festive fashion. The assignment will of course be carried out in a Mall, and you will be dressed as you do it….ahem…enfemme, yes!


Sissy Assignments For The Pageant Gurl: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Salon Visits

I assume you know your theme. I really hope for a sissy to comment on this blog that they have a leopard print theme like my outfit above. This would be one of my sissy assignments, so be the first! I mostly want to focus on the salon visits in this post.

The Checklist

Let’s go underground and start at the waxing salon. The body is prepared with a complete waxing from neck to toe, and massaged for silky smooth skin. Since we are in spring, a salon tan is totally unnecessary unless your Mistress demands it.  Next we head to the hair, skin, and makeup salon. Makeup last. A complete facial is done with an airbrush finish. Makeup colors that compliment the wardrobe come next. For example, a leopard print wardrobe would be best with earth tones and reds. Then of course is the hair. Most of you have wigs. It would be time to get a new wig for the festivities, and don’t forget the professional nail salon!

My Fantasy

This is a virtual event and my fantasies run wild with what if it were not and it took place in a ballroom? I imagine a full bar and a wait staff in bunny costumes. I imagine so many naughty sissy sluts taking advantage of the sex fun and you can just imagine that. I imagine the world completely accepting transgender events like this. Just imagine!


Mistress Erin