Many men (aka sissies) come to me asking if they should wear panties. This is where I usually ask a lot of questions and assess your situation. Is it really necessary you wear panties if it is only a fleeting thought? I think it’s necessary for all sissies to dress in some capacity.

Do You Need to Wear Panties?

If you are even asking that question, chances are – yes, you need to wear panties. Especially if you have the curiosity about it. Even if you have a small cock, or you have a big cock, it doesn’t matter. There is no excuse not to wear panties. Every man must get in touch with his feminine side, just as every woman should get in touch with her male side. We are all experiencing yin and yang at any given moment.

Maybe You Need Some Convincing

Still not sure about wearing panties? Or any other clothing for that matter? It’s okay. Between Erin and I, we can most certainly get you started in the right direction of dressing. We can possibly show you why you even started feeling like this in the first place. It’s imperative to try to get deep inside of your mind to see why you feel feminine anyway. It’s important!

I am here to persuade you and do guided meditation to get you in the direction you need to go in. By hearing my feminine voice, you can be persuaded to do all those feminine things you have always wanted. Fill in the blanks. It’s important that you explore your fantasies of strap on play, cock sucking and wearing feminine clothing!