Sexy Toys For A Sexy Christmas

Hello from Femdom Calls. This is Mistress Erin and if you love early Christmas shopping like I do, you should get your sexy toys very soon. The stock of sexy toys will diminish before you know it. My favorite store online is JT Stockroom, and my boy slave 3 enjoys the surprises I bring him on special occasions Of course I get very spoiled with elegant strap-on harnesses and pain toys. As of late, I have gifts of free weights and kettlebells to assist in the strengthening of my hot and very stong body. This is a good time to mention our anniversary of two years, and of course, 21 years of LDW giving boys lots of sexy pleasure. Get lucky and be the daily 21st caller.

Sexy Toys For Christmas: Mistress Erin

The Femdom Philosophy

Femdom calls are just what it means. Women on top, female-dominated relationships, and female-led relationships. I am the dominant in all kink relationships. I call the shots from the flavor of salad dressing to the play of the day. Wrestled down and topped to bondage furniture and the type of toys you will be bound with. After that is what we call aftercare. You are cherished  and respected. There was a book written by Nancy Friday called Women on Top and a copy was given to me by a boy I once dated who had the fetish giving me hints which I understood right away. He needed a bit of “strange love”. I suggest all to read this book and then give me your thoughts. I may just order this again, this book was such an influence on my life as a Femdom.

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Sexy Toy Number One

Cock and ball CBT pillory is my fave pick for Sexy Toys Christmas on the  site. It’s absolutely sublime seeing a slave’s balls confined with the shackles for wrists and ankles. This is my number one pick for a gift for a very worthy slave in shackles.I am in the furniture department because I love bdsm furniture which has a purpose.for boys who need discipline.

Sexy Toy Number Two

Next pick is the hammered steel coffee table cage simply because of the tight confining space, keeping slave there in captivity for an extended amount of time. Captivity is so sexy in this cage because slave is where he belongs on his hands and knees, worshiping Mistress the way he is required to do. Always faithful and dutiful. It is also such an entertainment device for cocktail parties. The drinks sit on top while the Femdom dialog continues, you are a slave, you are here to be as you should be, and that is submissive.

Sexy Toys For Christmas

Sexy Toy Number Three

Finally my very favorite is The Tetruss Maxximus Suspension Bondage rack. It holds 300 lbs but I prefer my boys on the slender side. This is so elegant and beautiful and it requires lots of clips and attachments for other toys. Imagine yourself suspended with a stretcher bar, bent over with that electro plug in. It’s an elegant hemp rope spider web that would look so sexy in the middle of a big room.

The Sexiest Of All

These are my choices for a sexy toys Christmas. Of course the stockroom has hot fashions in rubber and leather. This brings me to just that. I Looooove the Nadia Body Suit in red. The lacing on the back really turns me on and the tight cleft between the ass must be so sweet when it gathers all of that sweat for you to lick The front view is streamlined and plain but the back is the absolute perfect view for a perfect body which is mine!


Mistress Erin