Nothing says sexy sissy like retro fashion on a transgender girl. As I watched on Skype, sissy marlena gave me a magnificent fashion show with all of her finds at vintage and thrift stores. My favorite was a black Chanel suit, form fitting with a short jacket in wool. She took off the jacket to show me a cream satin blouse with real pearl buttons, and also the label attached to the jacket to prove it’s authenticity. The skirt had darts with a seam down the back to accent her derriere, a slit to show her black seamed stockings with a Cuban heel. Vintage black pumps showed that sissy was knowledgeable in shoe choices for this type of stocking.

Sexy Sissy Retro Gurl Phone Session: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

What comes next for sexy sissy? The Marlena Dietrich wig and a fashionable wide brimmed felt fedora tipped over her eye, with a crepe black rose ornament. Red matte lipstick makes the gurl. Dark dusty eye makeup says Vamp. A cigarette in a short black holder says Goddess. Long red nails of course with vintage rings and baubles. The perfect finishing touch…black pearl necklace.

Under it all sissy marlena had a vintage girdle in black with tasteful c cup breast forms. Because of the high quality satin of the shirt, it was invisible. Her walk was impeccable and her voice was deep and smokey. She was more she male than sissy and told me she was off to see her man with the big cock. She just needed an opinion from a Mistress on her outfit. She told me her night would be filled with champagne, lovemaking and cum eating. She ran her hands down the side of her skirt seductively and said ” Do I look sexy Mistress? Am I ready to be the sissy slut he wants? ” Oh yes darling you certainly are!
Mistress Erin