Sexy sensory deprivation? It’s usually scary sensory deprivation. I like it sensual. Of course we all have our preferences. Time and time again I have boys calling who have either did not read my preferences or they think they can sway me to be rough. If that be the case, they probably won’t call back. That’s ok. Somehow being harsh is not in my nature. Sexy sensory deprivation is sweet and hot. Call me if you like it.

Sexy Sensory Deprivation Role Playing: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

let’s start with bounding you up in soft cotton and some silk, especially around the cock. Not rough silk, but masturbating silk. I’ll bet you have not heard that before. Slinky silk that utterly jacks you off and makes you cum…almost. The same silk goes around your eyes in a nice little blindfold. You are bound up like a mummy, and I have added velcro to keep it tight.

Gagged of course for sexy sensory deprivation. With a pair of fragrant worn silk panties. This is your ball gag. At this point you can no longer see Mistress or touch her. Tied up you are, and your cock is bound in silk of course. Have you ever been stroked off with a silk scarf? Sensual tease and denial which you are hoping will come to a full blown orgasm without even a thought of orgasm denial.

Now come the headphones for some ambient sensual music a little bit loud but not uncomfortable. You are now suspended in deprivation, all except for the soft and sexy kind. Your cock gets harder and harder and the time passes slower and slower. Now and again I tiptoe in and stroke your cock to an edge, stopping at the crest. Your balls are also tied in with the silk. For hours you remain until I finally release the velcro. Do you get to cum? It depends on the session, maybe.


Mistress Erin