Who doesn’t like a little price break? The details are all in here. I should be on plenty. Want to make an appointment? No need to, just call!

How long do I like? That can refer to a lot of things…lol. Call time is always up to you. This weekend the hourly rate is reduced, so take advantage. The minute rate is reduced, so take advantage. Just enjoy!

Erin Loves Big Cocks

Speaking of long, I do like my cocks on the larger side. Some of the boys I talk to do as well. This will leave open a little coerced bi fun with a sizzling little phone sex fantasy.Mistress Erin

Would You Suck A Cock For Me?

Bi coercion is of course requested by you. What goes along with it is always a surprise. Coached cum eating with sometimes a taste of sissification works to my delight. The only rough stuff going on will be that big cock aggressively working its way into your mouth. I, of course, will be watching and directing, sometimes teasing and demanding you to tease and deny your cock.

Sweet Erotic Humiliation Only

Should you have a small penis, you will be humiliated in a very sweet way. Mistress Erin does not get mean and nasty. Laughing is always good for the soul. A genuine laugh will be provided to show my appreciation for you entertaining me!


Mistress Erin