Cock And Ball Pleasure

CBT can be sensual. CBT does not have to hurt. CBT can weave pain and pleasure, and it can hurt if you like it that way. I like to begin with a silk cord wrapped around your balls while the cock has been edged many times. The precum is a slippery sensual lubricant used liberally. After the lubricant has disappeared, dry stroking in a rough manner is a great cock torture.


Then comes the buttery scarf to ease the pain…for awhile that is.Then comes the feather to tickle the cock. To think we have not addressed the balls yet, yes it’s time. The balls still tied with the silk scarf is swallowed up with a large condom full of lubricant. If the balls are too big, a large balloon will do. The balls are teased without mercy. The cock is teased on and off, and especially when the balls are prettied up with clothespins.

Real CBT Toys

Pain can be added with a parachute harness. To keep the energy high, instead of fishermen weights, crystals are hung from the harness. How metaphysical. You are standing tied to a St Andrew’s Cross with scarves and silken rope.

Time To Cum..Or Not

The combination of pain and pleasure is most effective in CBT. At the end of the session when the clothespins are off, the balls will be squeezed by Mistress wearing black satin gloves. The reward of you on your knees teasing your cock can end in a complete orgasm denial, or a cum eating session. Whatever Mistress prefers.

Mistress Erin