Sensual Blindfolding

I don’t think I have ever discussed the art of blindfold sensual domination. Blindfolds can be extremely scary, if that’s what is requested. Blindfolds in the skillful hands of an erotic dominatrix who prefers to give you sensations instead of fright, can be very effective. A little bondage in the mix never hurt anything, and I’m sure you know how fond I am of subtle bondage.

Sensation Toys

In the toy chest I would have ice, a tens unit, a fleshlight, feathers, satin scarves, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, a white paraffin candle, my long fingernails. and of course my tongue. A mouthful of ice and a blowjob tease to follow, then a sip of hot tea to add a nice contrast while I warm you up.

Whipped Cream And Chocolate

In my world, blindfold cock tease is not scary but sensually stimulating and curious. With all the toys mentioned above, use your imagination for fire and ice play, a little tickle torture, eating my dessert off of your body, edging your dick with a fleshlight, and running feathers under your armpits.

The session can end in any number of ways. You can be locked in a chastity device while tied up, allowed to cum, orgasm ruined, or teased and denied.


Mistress Erin