I Want To Jack You Off On The Phone Fantasy Experience

Calling a phone fantasy line is simple. You need to relieve stress and a willing and understanding ear is eager to listen. Anything involving pay for orgasm release is very common. Another words, I cannot see you unless you want me to. It may interest you that I love to hear you jack off and cum to my voice and creative phone sex fantasy. This work is very creative, and we are appreciated for it. Don’t feel weird because I am here to play with you. Phone fantasy pre call jitters is a very common thing.

Phone Fantasy Pre Call Jitters: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Sissies And Cock Control

Now that I have your ear, I don’t mind telling you about some favorite types of calls I am most creative at. Have you guesses that I love sissification? The bulk of my calls are from sissies, and sissies are the least shy in doing a phone sex call. Simply because they have a great need to come out. Girlie bois love having a dominant Mistress guiding their pleasure with colorful imagination. Sharing panty shopping pictures is one of their favorites. Cocksucking adventures are high on the list because cocksucker some are. To be given assignments, directed to certain shopping venues, and orgasm denial are the high priorities in a sissy phone sex call.

Phone Fantasy Pre Call Jitters: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Guided Masturbation With Or Without Chastity

Next up is cock control with guided masturbation. Guiding a session with a combo of direct orders and ASMR sensual whispering really excites me, especially when you successfully follow my orders. If it is followed with chastity, a new edge is added to the fun, and I mean plenty of edges after. Don’t be scared. Step up to the phone and call, and it does. Above all, no matter what your fantasy is, I will guide it because I am a professional. So let’s get started then. I am waiting!

Mistress Erin