Sissy Spring Fever

Pastel sissy has spring fever and brings out her pastel girlie wear from last year. She goes through the collection and has the reject pile and the keeper pile. Very little gets thrown away because she went through great pain to collect top quality outfits. The most pastel is, of course, the lingerie in every shade of pink. There is even pastel yellow and green. A pastel sissy will have a short frilly yellow skirt with a white ruffle top as a rule, and it would be my rule. No pink shirt with this or else we have a walking sissy Easter egg. Absolutely not.Pastel Sissy At The Sexy Movie Show: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Adult Movie Encounter

Pastel sissy puts on a pair of flesh tone stockings and yellow Mary Jane shoes in fine vegan leather. She is a gentle gurl and would never think of eating a steak unless she is out to dinner with a stud who insists she submissively lets him order for her. The cards were on the table immediately after she met this guy at an adult movie theatre. He was sissy spotting and the movie was about slutty sissy maids servicing the lord of the manor. Pastel sissies head bobbed up and down as stud held the back of her head in the back row. After that, she was his sissy slut, coerced into bi cocksucking and with strict orders to eat every drop of cum from his enormous cock.

Poor Pastel Sissy is Cuckolded

Stud preferred her in pastel pink lingerie most nights with nights of white and teal here and there. I suppose we could say pastel sissy lived happily ever after with her well-endowed stud who was dominant and a bit cruel. Sometimes he would bring home a real woman and would have hot sex right in front of pastel. This would make her cry. Oh poor pastel sissy, if only she were a real girl!


Mistress Erin