Four Weeks And Orgasm Granted…Maybe

This is the fourth week of  Kelly Gurl’s orgasm denial and I told her she would get a message from somewhere, which is here, that she may cum…finally. I threw a Cb6000 chastity cage on her for effect and enforcement because her cock tends to do what it likes. The numbers to the pink plastic lock is 443521. Kelly Gurl may cut that lock off and collect her orgasm. Orgasm granted. Next time will be a little more formal and the message may come on another Mistress blog in the comments section. She will have to work harder, and I will be granted permission to post such a comment from the Mistress. Kelly Gurl said explicitly that she loved to play hunt the combo down. I imagine she liked Easter egg hunts and hide and seek games once upon a time.

Orgasm Granted Lucky Boy: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

The Surprise Effect

I have been checking this sissy gurl’s progress three to four times a week to make sure she is ever faithful and in her cage. She is a chastity cheater and I am determined to break her beyond he wildest dreams. I surprise her with an email demanding an on the spot photo with only five minutes to respond. Interested to  find out if she figures out the source is here. Hahaha!

Looks Like Sissy Missed The Mark!

I’m waiting. Well, she is a dunce with e-mail, messages, blogs mostly. She also lives out in the boonies in some mountain area of Washington state, however, too bad. Too bad because embarking on such a program of chastity training and orgasm denial sometimes will leave her high and dry from orgasm granted. I’m looking at my watch, way over five minutes.


Mistress Erin