Tease And Denial No Orgasm Calls

No orgasm does not always end up to be successful. Orgasm denial is a specific training for those who look forward to chastity training. I prefer to call it persuasion.  Each Mistress has her own technique, and I pretty much do not like the word “control”. Persuading you to approach the phone sex fantasy session in a gentle and sexy way, just doing as I wish to make that fetish come true.

No Orgasm Persuasion Training: Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

It’s About My Happiness

No orgasm is a suggestion. I train in a way that makes you want to make me happy. As we set up the phone fantasy, I hear complete denial, orgasm denial, strict cock control with no release. Things like that. I then know it is to be a complete denial session with lots of stroking and edging. The only control in my vocabulary of fantasy terms is conducted with a sweet voice and a sweet style.

Small Cock Humiliation

How do I work with humiliation. Your little dick is pretty much condescended to, and you can tell I am smiling. A great deal of dry humor goes into a small penis call, then if it ends in orgasm denial, what do I say? Simple. Since your penis is so small, I cannot imagine you to be able to cum. Let’s reject the cumming and just serve my feet as I laugh at you. My compassionate eyes look down at you and sympathize. Such a poor boy to be born with such a small cock. I’m so sorry, peewee.

Mistress Erin