My Updated Audio Page

As I sift through my files, I have updated and posted all of the audios that I have recorded so far. There will be many more coming soon. I prefer my trance meditation audios above all. I also accept requests to record your type of kink. Enjoy the ones posted. Strength and wrestling will be included in the audio page. These will be the most fun for me! As you must know by now, I am a Strongwoman, and UberFrau. Giantess play is also one of my favorite roleplays for phone fun. Next in line for my new bios are Giantess and Trance.

My Updated Audio Page: Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

New Years Celebrations Are Best With A Submissive Boy

I had a great New Year celebration with slave 3. Presently we are planning a getaway for a quick vacation. Unfortunately, a Giantess Island retreat is not available of course. Neither is a Femdom Island. I remember the once famous Czek “resort” of days gone by. The Otherworld Kingdom. Only male submissives are allowed with their Femdom. Every room had a metal cage, and slave circuses were part of the program. What a place this was. I used to dream about a visit there dressed in my fine rubber formal wear. The vacation we are planning will undoubtedly be here in the desert with a hot spring with amenities such as massage and horseback riding. A dungeon will not be found I’m sure, but plenty of hiking and great Mexican food will be available.

Enjoy my audios and check back regularly. This is a short and sweet blog post.

Ms Erin