Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

I Suck Cock

Ohhhh, little transgender Alexa, when you asked me what I was gonna do on my date the night of our super charged phone sex call, I’m gonna give you a blow by blow detail. LOL, yes I did give a blow job, if you want to know. Also, my pussy was delightfully eaten with talented pussy eating lips.

But I Don’t Eat Cum

One thing I do not do, Alexa,  is swallow cum like you do. To each his own, as they say. I know your imaginings go to all kinds of swallowing and cum eating, especially when you imagine me as a sissy transgender therapist, with a very big cock, giving you the best of nurturing and loving therapy.

Dark Phone Sex Fantasies Again

I do enjoy creative role playing. Don’t mistake me for a miss goody two shoes who would never embark on a dark phone sex fantasy. I am here to indulge your pleasures, as long as we agree that I will not humiliate you in a hateful way.

My Schedule

I want to give you an idea of my schedule. For this semester, I am taking night classes to fulfill a prerequisite. I will be in school Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. Calls will not be taken after my classes. I am off the clock at 5pm mountain time. I wanted to mention I do take appointments, but you must be prompt. I will wait for five minutes only.


Mistress Erin