Mistress Erin Strongwoman A Night Of Strength And Triumph

Last week I went to a friend’s place to have a few drinks and snacks. The friend is a co-worker and a gym mate. She is a clerk at the pharmacy I work for and quite gorgeous at 5’6″ and about 120 lbs of nicely toned firm muscles. Her hair was long and braided, and she wore tight, spandex gym wear that hugged her perfect body. She was holding a pink protein drink with plenty of muscle building creatine and other healthy ingredients. Her guest was a 6’4″ male with dark hair and a fantastic muscular body. A glass of white wine was in his right hand while he held a plate of fruit with the other. I helped myself to fruit and wine as he checked me out. I detected quite a bit of arrogance from his persona and then he asked me about my strength that my friend told him about. He proceeded to tell me that men were superior in strength and  began to challenge me to a wrestling match. “Who is your favorite all-time female wrestler he asked”. I replied “Well VeVe Lane of course” !  My style was close to VeVe Lane as I watched and purchased many of her videos. At one point I started working out with heavy weights to gain the muscle she had. This began a few years ago and I’m still gaining. I am now called Mistress Erin Strongwoman.

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Rodney Gets An Attitude Adjustment And Learns That A Woman Can And Does Have Superior Strength

His name was Rodney and he was extremely arrogant. I decided to take on the challenge. He walked over to me and grabbed both of my wrists very tight as his eyes met mine. He said his grip could not be broken as he was much stronger than me and I would surely lose. I took both of my hands encircling both of his wrists from the inside. My hands grabbed both of his wrists and broke his hold. I studied a form of Chinese Martial Arts called Choy Lay Fut which included grappling and pressure points. My body dropped down to find my center and he fell forward, his body traveling to the side of me and falling to the ground. Here I began to use footwork to trip him further down so I could trap him in a scissor grip with my strong sexy legs. I used my arms and hands to hold him down as I climbed on top of him. I rendered him helpless and useless. He managed to turn me on my side and my left leg entwined his outer leg which gave me a great advantage. The twisting reversed the positions and my crotch met his face for an enjoyable face sitting with feet under his neck. He was mine at this point and he declared me Mistress Erin Strongwoman .

I Am Stronger Than Ever Now After the Elixer Of Power , Slave 3 Is A Lucky Boy

A stimulating time this was and I decided to go home to my boy slave 3. I was feeling very very strong  and extremely hungry for a face sitting a wrestling session as I was feeling stronger than imagined. My muscles were contracted and my butt was tight and in need of my boy’s tongue. As I entered our apartment I ran to him knocking him down on the floor. My scissor hold was stronger than ever and my body rushed with uncontrollable adrenaline. He was flipped to his stomach and felt the hardness of my big hungry strap on. This is the bliss of being Mistress Erin Strongwoman.

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