ASMR By Mistress Erin

You have heard of horse whisperers, cat whisperers, animal whisperers a plenty. What is ASMR whisperers and what does Mistress Erin have to do with any of them? All Mistresses who practice this genre are erotic whisperers who whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Over the phone, we take your kinks and fetishes and talk to you be it sissification, giantess role play, cock control or mostly anything that gets your dick hard!

Mistress Erin AMSR Whisperer:Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Relax To My Whispering Fetishes

Since I talk to many guys with many different needs, I always offer the ASMR option to conduct the phone sex call. It adds sexy variety. It could even work in some humiliation calls, but I don’t yell on those, so these have to be erotic and haughty. Humiliation with subtle condescension is my style. I don’t waste power!

Sissy’s Secret

I especially like sissy training Mistress Erin style. Cool collected with or without whispering. With whispering it’s more like a secret confession. I ask in a whisper; “how did you become such a girlie sissy? do you love it? tell me more, all of it!”. For a cock stroker it’s entirely different, especially with orgasm denial. Imagine a whisper in your ear “denied”.

ASMR, Meditation, Orgasm

I recommend that you call for this sexy fetish. Experience it on the phone through my creative whispering lips and get a different kind of experience. To date, I would say that I suggest and do many of my calls this way. It’s true that ASMR puts you in a very relaxed state of mind which goes with guided meditation. Call for an ASMR meditation session on a day where stress has taken a stronghold. Your day will go smoothly after that along with a cathartic orgasm. That is my suggestion for stress therapy. Namaste!

Mistress Erin