Control The Cock

I have learned through the years, that some men like to have their cock owned by a dominant woman. By owned I mean masturbation management, chastity training, cock control, orgasm denial, what have you.


My post on is a new and different site geared to change your mindset, to be less rebellious and more compliant to the dominant female owner of your cock. My particular post is slave affirmation. Do go look at it and see if it’s your cup of cum 🙂

The Methods

It was exciting for me to write this affirmation and give instructions at the end of the mantra for you to follow. It will be challenging. Edging without orgasm multiple times tests your endurance, but also builds tremendous stamina.Mistress Erin


Is your dick ready to become my dick? I thought so. I see the big head wagging a big yes. Now what will the little head really do. I will give you exercises to build stamina to practice marathon orgasms. Some can have multiple orgasms. I’ll bet you dream of that. It is possible through orgasm denial and lots of fantasy role play. Your phone sex session can turn into an erotic evening of tease and denial, tease to please, a cum eating session, wherever your little head will lead you, by the command of my voice! Affirm to try. Affirm to enjoy with me!


Mistress Erin