Masturbation May Is Here And Now

Welcome to Masturbation May. Spring is a time for new beginnings and the end of winter. Winter is not my favorite season. It is the time of denial as I see it. It is a time of going inward and self-reflection. Spring is growth, new beginnings, and hope for earning an orgasm long left behind. That’s what some say and yet others reflect on party-time pink pastels and pink cock cages. A time for sissies and masturbation, maybe even a hefty chastity program.

Get Chaste For Me

The sensual side of domination is my style. I am patient and kind, well not too kind. I have enough strength to tie you in bondage, sit on your face forcefully, and peg you like no other with a big strap-on that demands attention, As is said she is small but carries a big stick. Actually I am 5’10” but in a Giantess world I would be small.

Enjoy Trance From Me

I was throwing around to mention chastity training with AMSR whispering in your ear to bring you to an almost orgasm with my cool and slow voice. One thing I like to do is shake the cage a bit while you are in it as I lounge next to you teasing you slowly.. As you drift off into a trance I begin to shake the cage to a loud rattel. Oh did I wake you up then I say to you in a devilish sort of way. I love this kind of tease session as it’s cruel and sweet all at the same time. The same thing can also be done for masturbation may as I tease and edge the cock as you relax in bondage and maybe gagged.

Masturbation May Is Here! Mistress Erin 1-800-601-6975

Stroke For Me Now

Are you in the mood to enjoy a stoking session now? I’m available most of the day today. It’s a warm day in ABQ at the moment and slave3 is out with friends. When he gets home it will be time to do all of the above simply because it’s masturbation may, and he has not cum in months. Masturbation may has nothing to do with him but it’s always nice to bring him into the fold of whatever domination we are celebrating. I see no reason to exclude his pleasure. My big question is, shall I let him cum this month? With your help on the decision, you may make or break his day.

Hint: I prefer to keep him in denial. These are my needs however but I may make an online dice roll decide.

Watch Your Garden Grow

Off subject. Today i planted my patio garden, colorful flowers, and strawberries in a pot. It is the rite of spring. In a large pot I planted sweet cherry tomatoes. Coming up witl be jalapeno peppers and lots of herbs in containers. Once upon a time I had a large back yard garden with corn, squash, and green beans. I had many flowers that attracted butterflies and bees. These vegetables were the best on the planet, all fresh and home grown. That is the other side of me. This is the same with Femdom. We nurture all the time and raising vegetables has a lot to do with creating the perfect slave.. Nurture and create, he will produce the perfect slave out of gratitude. A heavy hand is not the best solution in slave making.  The tender way is often the best way but not exclusively. We do have to spice things up after all.


Femdom Erin