Masturbation assignments are fun for me to administer for any time of the year. Sometimes I do create a chastity training challenge but not often. I would do so if approached with it, and it’s up to you to step forward and inquire. This post is about masturbation and the assignments I may possibly give you. I have a confession: I love to watch men masturbate when I guide them because it gives me power to see my orders in motion.

Masturbation Assignments With Zero Orgasms: Erin 1-800-601-6975

You are ready for masturbation assignments then! Let’s start with easy at home fun. This requires a computer, also some toys, maybe a chastity cage for the threat of locking you up. The computer is for favorite porn, toys are for a day of fun, the cage for obvious humiliation and surprise!

After a week of home duties and complete orgasm denial, you are moved into the next slot. This is where home meets giving me my desire. To watch you jerk off on Skype. I am very demanding with the web cam. I will ask you to do all sorts of poses. You will be denied for as long as I like. As long as I see you stroking to my orders and follow the rules, I am happy. Your job is to make me happy because I am Mistress and I make the rules.

The slot after that is most interesting where you are completely enslaved. This is the week where I demand self bondage and home captivity. For a whole week you are living on previsions bought for the week. You will do a series of masturbation calls while in captivity, this week we keep tabs on the slave and punish him if he does not do as told. Certainly there will be a reward at the end, I will decide. Consequently you will cum, maybe you won’t.


Mistress Erin