Locktober Is Here

It’s that time again. Locktober is here and are you ready for my cage? Perhaps I will create an audio for chastity slaves. My brand of chastity is both subtle and strict, however, I do challenge you to a whole month of very strict chastity training. What type of cage do you own? A manly metal cage designed for a huge cock or a little pink dome for little dicked sissies. The latter for sissies is preferable to humiliation and discipline. I think I will create an audio that starts out very sweet and then escalates into something just the opposite. I now have an audio page that will focus mostly on ASMR and trance. One is up and waiting for you, and it is for sissies, a great place to start! My audio page. I will be posting samples on this blog very soon too!

Locktober Is Here Are You Ready For My Cage? Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Slave3 Caged

About my cage for slave 3. He’s the boy who loves to be overpowered and taken, pinned down and fucked hard. Slave 3 has a wardrobe of chastity cages from way back. He had a Mistress who took charge of his lovely dick and kept him in a cage most of the time. When she went out of town he was randomly checked at any given time and ordered to photo his dick immediately. He had a time and date stamp to be sure of his chastity. My favorite cage is his industrial metal cage from Germany, my second fave is Watchful Mistress by Mature Metal. This cage is what slave 3 is in now, and I locked him in it last night just before midnight in celebration of Cocktober. Locktober is here are you ready for my cage? On his knees he agreed YES!

Locktober Is Here Are You Ready For My Cage? Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Maybe TOO Submissive

Slave 3 is so submissive, he lies there like a sack of potatoes with arms spread and motionless. I slap his face hard and tell him some affection is demanded. Yes, I am an Uber Femdom but he is here to work. I am not a slave or a robot. He imagines to be a damsel in distress who is virginal and helpless. This will not do. My expectations and demands include deep kissing and active foot worship. My very aggressive activity is fucking his ass with a very big dildo and strap on. This turns him on and gets him active. Yes Locktober is here, and I hope this month goes very very slow.

Locktober Is Here Are You Ready For My Cage? Ms Erin 1-800-601-6975

Femdom And Strict Training

The activity of chastity training can be very demanding for a Femdom, but it is essential for strict training. Just the realization that a Mistress rules the orgasm is very exciting to the submissive male. In some cases, he will rebel and try to be “manly”. Manly is useful during work, making financial decisions, and especially being dominant in his male role of everyday reality. He is not expected to be sub unless it is with his Femdom. She runs things from another angle. It is very attractive when he is scrubbing the floor on his hands and knees.

Feedback Please Chastity With Ms Erin And Ms Liz

I would love some feedback through the comments sections. What kind of audios would you like to indulge in beside ASMR and trance. Eventually, I will cover all categories. A reminder that I do not do submissive calls ever. I am a hardwired Femdom in the process of adding more bios to the sites, giving specials and free min to my callers, and enjoying my lifestyle of domination with my partner. On thing is for certain though, I want to lock you up for Locktober all month long. I expect check ins and you will abide by my rules. Your dick will become my dick. I will control your orgasm all month long as you reside in that cage. If you want 2 of us to lock you up, Mistress Liz would be happy to play.


Femdom Erin, your Locktober Chastity Mistress