Little Sissy Spring Preparations Is Essential

Little sissy spring preparation is inspired by Mistress Cassandra’s new audio. Of course this is a topic that Femdom should train each and every sissy. Especially I liked her topic of hair and how she likes the real deal. Me too! I love to glide my fingers through a girlie boi’s long silky hair. Styling it and experiment with different types of  clip on color swatches.

Little Sissy Spring Preparation: Mistress Erin 1-800-356-6169

Pastels And More Pastels

Ribbons and bows type sissies are fun to prepare, these gurls are truly fun for little sissy spring preparation. They love pastels, they love super girlie things that inspire them to swish and be feminine. These are the petticoat gurls who billow with crinoline and lace, mostly all pink.

The Smooth Sissy Body

True the body must be prepared with salt spa treatments massaged deep into the skin and exfoliated aggressively. This prepares the body for a spray tan booth with a bikini. Sissy boi can then walk on the beach with a starter tan. There is nothing more unattractive than the first day on the beach chalk white unless sissy is ethnic. Thong sandals and bikini go hand in hand. We like tan lines all around and everywhere.

Tend To The Eyebrows

Makeup may not be good for the beach as it will wear off with sweat. This is where permanent makeup comes in. This takes a special kind of very brave sissy to do this, and this is rare even among real girls. Having the eyebrows waxed and dyed will be good enough, and if eye makeup is to be applied, eye pencil only. Mascara would be too messy.

Start Working On It!

It’s coming in to the height of spring. Get working very soon on your spa treatments, your hair, makeup and eyebrows. Practice everyday on your makeup and looks. Ask your Mistress about everything she would like to see you do. Happy spring, gurls!


Mistress Erin